Our Mission

Building Character

Getting your child involved in sports is a great way for him or her to maintain an active lifestyle and learn valuable life skills that build character. If you want your child to undergo nurturing sports coaching, turn to Frisco Kings Sports Academy in Frisco, TX. What sets us apart is that our holistic mentorship program is specially designed to engage your child in competitive activities that enhance not only physical abilities, but also confidence and emotional well-being. We accept children Kindergarten thru 10th grade.

Teaching Life Lessons Through Sports

We believe that every kind of sport has the ability to help a child discover his or her strengths and weaknesses. It is a known fact that what attracts kids to sports is the social aspect of it. It not only allows them to spend time with their friends but also teaches them social skills that are needed throughout their lives. Participating in sports teaches children the positive aspect of competition and to cope with it in a friendly manner. Another life lesson that children learn through sports is the drive to give their 100% to anything and everything that they participate in, which in turn also helps them develop their leadership skills.