Frisco Kings Sports Academy (FKSA)

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Frisco Kings Sports Academy (FKSA) Administration Point of Contact (POC) List


Academy Email:

PositionNameEmailJob Duties
Founder & PresidentBobby CraigBobby@FriscoKingsAcademy.comPOC for FKSA operational, parental, coaches, and players major issue(s) and concern(s) that are not able to be resolved with assigned POCs.
Co-Founder & AdministrationNatasha CraigNatasha@FriscoKingsAcademy.comPOC for FKSA mentorship and community service programs and team support (i.e. Team Moms) major issue(s) and concern(s) that are not able to be resolved with assigned POCs.
Chairman, Board of DirectorsMarcellas Flenory, Sr.Marcellas@FriscoKingsAcademy.comPOC for FKSA operational issue(s) and concern(s) and partner with all administration to build FKSA Brand.
General ManagerEric Brown, Sr.Eric@FriscoKingsAcademy.comPOC for all Sports Teams and Coaches.
Social Media CoordinatorFKSA AdminAdmin@FriscoKingsAcademy.comPOC for all social media sites. Receives and Post photos, videos, and marketing materials.
FKSA RelationsKyle SaundersKyle@FriscoKingsAcademy.comPOC for all Parents, Coaches, Volunteers, and Players to ensure delivery of all services, investigate and resolve all complaints and concerns, and recruit and interview potential coaches and volunteers.
Player RecruiterDoug TerfehrDoug@FriscoKingsAcademy.comPOC for all recruiting activities of potential, new and returning players.
Player RecruiterSharon RobinsonSharon@FriscoKingsAcademy.comPOC for all recruiting activities of potential, new and returning players.
Tournament DirectorMark FergusonMark@FriscoKingsAcademy.comPOC for all Tournament Teams and Coaches, including Tournament administration.
Tournament DirectorSusan FergusonSusan@FriscoKingsAcademy.comPOC for all administrative duties for Tournament Teams and Coaches, including payments, schedules, rosters, and all other duties as needed.
Fieldhouse LiaisonWendy DaneyWendy@FriscoKingsAcademy.comPOC for All Fieldhouse issues and concerns, such as schedule changes, division changes, referees, etc.
Retention ManagerErica SmithErica@FriscoKingsAcademy.comPOC will handle all retention related duties and tasks, such as follow-up with parent(s) of returning players, follow-up with parent(s) of players not returning to determine why, and to ensure returning player’s parents have paid non-refundable deposit to secure player’s position on team.
AdministratorBrenda MaciasAdmin@FriscoKingsAcademy.comPOC for all administration, respond to emails, voicemails, and other means of contact by the public, including directing them to the appropriate POC when necessary.
SecretaryCrystal HarrisCrystal@FriscoKingsAcademy.comPOC for all meeting attendance, minutes, and notes.
AccountingFKSA AccountingAccounting@FriscoKingsAcademy.comPOC for all payments, billing, invoices, collections, and all accounting related activities.
ProgramsFKSA ProgramsAcademyPrograms@FriscoKingsAcademy.comPOC for all questions, inquires, donations, and sponsorship for our 5 Programs (Academics, Athletics, Community Services, Leadership Development, and Mentorship)

PO Box 2806, Frisco, TX 75034